Honorable Character

Honorable Character 
 1. Respect- respect everyone in word and deed
 2. Obedience- obey for that is right
 3. Diligence- whatever your task work at it heartily
 4. Wisdom- who among you is wise? Show good behavior
 5. Kindness- be kind, tenderhearted and forgiving
 6. Self-Control- be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger
 7. Orderliness- let things be done decently and in order
 8. Service- Serve one another in love
 9. Attentiveness- Hear and increase in learning
 10. Cooperation- Look beyond your own interest and consider others
 11. Courage- meet a challenge without giving into fear
 12. Honesty- do not lie steal or cheat
 13. Forgiveness- do not pay back wrong for wrong
 14. Responsibility- do your best and take responsibility for your actions